Monday, January 18, 2010


I have done a lot of ironing all day but the basket is still full!
Of course more went into it tonight after I had taken the clothes off the line.
The first photo is of the path up to one of the enclosed gardens, this one has the line in it and a very old pug dog. I am growing tomatoes, chillies and herbs in pots and in the garden at the end.
this afternoon when I came out I found that there was a pea hen with new chicks by the house. I dont know how good a mother she is, if she is a young one she may lose her chicks but the older ones are good mothers. Oscar always thinks a pea chick is good food.
Robyn over at Art Propelled(see Robyn in my side bar) had a thing about bookcases, I tried very hard to take a few photos of the very many that are all through this house, but in some cases I couldnt get far enough away to take the photos!
The first is the one I was trying to get a book from the top shelf when I fell off the table, you cant even see the table but believe me it is high.
Then the top of the one in the hall, this is an ikea bookcase and I am afraid that with the weight of books the lower shelves are falling down so you only got a very bad shot of the top of this one. Of course right on top are a few of the odds and ends I make, a couple of dolls and an epb rooster and under that the wooden hammer I used in Japan to broach the saki barrel and was given as a memento.
The last one is in our bedroom beside my bed, I am afraid the flash went off so the bear collection looks a bit startled.
Apart from that, every room has a bookcase or books on the floor or books somewhere. Will was heard to say the other day that I had an awful lot of books, he isnt madly keen on reading and I think he is afraid I will suggest he reads them all. As it is to his horror I kept finding books with his fathers name in them.
We have had blissfully cool weather and it is so much easier when one doesnt have to worry about going outside into the heat.
So to celebrate we are having slow baked chicken legs with lemon and thyme and onions and garlic and wine.

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Wanda said...

My do have plenty of shelving for your many books. I love youe coleection of clocks and the things you made yourself. Are pea hens similar to guinea hens, we use to have several of them! I can't wait to grow some fresh tomatoes!