Thursday, January 07, 2010

Morning walk

People were on the beach early this morning as it will be hot and the main part of the day is not much fun.
There was a young family making sandcastles, another fishing off the reef, an abandoned boat, a lot of dog walkers, an awful lot of dog walkers, some doing the right thing and others not and three horses being given a swim in the sea.
We walked and I am afraid I was terribly slow, and then we went to get the papers and the mail and have a cup of coffee.
I think every one had the same idea this morning.
the family were still home when we got back and have only just left to go to the beach and have fish and chips later.
There was much discussion on what dvd to watch and in the end they watched Heath Ledger in 'A nights Tale' which I last saw on a plane to somewhere.
I can hear the black cockatoos in the pine trees getting the pine nuts, they love the fact that a few years ago we planted the pines that produce pine nuts. It is interesting how they adapt as their normal foods are the nuts of Banksia and Hakea.
Now I am off to feed the dogs and Oscar and the chooks.


sally-ann said...

As we are living with snow and ice all around us your photos bring a little warmth into our day. It looks an idyllic place.

Wanda said...

My morning walk was so different here with our snow!