Friday, January 29, 2010


Befor we went shopping this morning we left a bit early and went for a walk along the beach.
I try to get at least two beach walks in a week if I can.
It was a bit cold and cloudy with an easterly wind blowing.
When we arrived at the bit of reef at the corner we came back but not before I took this photo of the pools that were left as the tide was going out.
A pelican flew overhead but I was a bit slow with the camera so I have had to blow him up a bit and in doing so have lost a lot of definition.
There were a lot of these blue stingers on the beach, I really wouldnt want to be swimming with them as they had very long tentacles. Once diving we got into some and although we had wet suits on they still stung our hands and face.
You can see what a cloudy and dim sort of morning it was. The clouds have mostly burnt off now.
Finally this Funky chicken, these were popular quite a few years ago and yesterday as I was searching for patterns I couldnt find I came across this pattern and decided to spend a few minutes working out how he went. I was really trying to find a pattern for a bag cut from a square and wondered if this could be converted.
A friend has kindly sent me a copy of a different bag again done on a square, not quite what I was thinking of but one that I am going to have fun playing with.
He is a fun little guy.
Tabby and John and Millie are coming for dinner tonight so as it is a bit cooler I am doing corned beef with mustard sauce, traditionally this is served with boiled cabbage but I think I would prefer peas.
I had a laugh this afternoon as when I tried to ring Tabby Millie answered the phone and I did try twice, and each time the conversation went something like,' Hello Millie its Pen here, is Mummy there?', 'yes',' can she come to the phone',' no', 'can you tell her I am on the phone', 'no, Bye', phone put down, there were lots of giggles during all of this and I gathered that Mason was there as well. Only 2 but not quite up to relaying messages.


Robin Mac said...

I love your funky chicken Penny. I did better than you with grandchildren on the phone - Hamish, aged 4, rang me this afternoon to tell me about his first day at Kindy and really managed to string several sentences together much to the amazement of his mother! Cheers, Robin

Wanda said...

I thought your pelican shot was pretty good Penny. I have plenty experiences talking with young grandchildren on the phone...sometimes they don't ever want to end the conversation and hang up!