Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Neck warmer and Grands

I made this triangle knit neck warmer while I was on Kangaroo Island and finally got it put together but still not blocked.
An interesting concept I found of Melody's blog, see my side bar.
Then a nice photo of Evie, 12, with Millie 2, Mason 1 and Gaby 17. Mason is of course Gaby' son and so my great grandson.
Evie is one of the Melbourne family who we dont see very often, she is growing up and of course Millie features often. She is wearing the dress I bought her in York. Mason is now a real little boy.
The bbq went off well last night and there was plenty of food and some wine was drunk.
It was warm enough for us all to sit outside under the pergola, and no one seemed in a huge rush to go home.
I had worked so hard my back threatened to give up the ghost but finally calmed down.
I have had a much slower and calmer day today and there are left overs so I dont have to worry about food tonight.
Another burst of heat is coming, it has been so nice to be relatively cool but no rain is rather a worry.
I hope I can entertain Will and Evie for the next week after their parents go home, not much we can do in over 40 degree C heat.
I have been loving the snowy photos that have been coming through on other blogs and wanting to be cold!
Not being able to walk as I would like is annoying me, especially as I need to lose some weight, this post Christmas eating is begining to mount up.


Doreen G said...

Gosh the little ones have grown Penny it is amazing how time flies.
I know what you mean about the snow--maybe just for a couple of days only though.

Wanda said...

You had beautiful children to enjoy! I love your neck warmer...the design is new to me.
Wish I could knit. Well, I do know the very, very basics!

Caroline said...

Beautiful family, why do anything else then enjoy each moment having the time of your life, then when the little ones fall asleep,
do all the wonderful stiches you do~ the neck warmer is stylish and trendy! So talented!
wonderful treasures to last a lifetime! God Bless!
Love C