Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ATC Birthday swap

We managed a walk along the beach this morning, a hazy soft sort of day and the tide was way out, I love the way everything seems to blend in together, and here the shrubs on the dunes give a lovely contrast.
I got quite a fright when the cockle train came roaring through, having been on it I should know that this is when it arrives but I had forgotten. Quite a different perspective of it.
A lovely morning.
This is the first of the ATC's I have done for the Birthday swap, this one went to Sheila in the UK. I have done the next ones but am not quite as happy with them as I was with this one, they are not quite finished yet so we will see what they look like when finished. I think my background for the new ones is a bit busy. I do love the flower foot and these were done with a twin needle, I had never used one before and was so pleased with myself.
I have got almost to the bottom of the ironing basket, there seems to be more washing to do but I have had a relatively quiet day as tomorrow I have to go to Adelaide. I cant go through the hills, which is my preferred route as the big cycle race, The Tour Down Under is going through one of the towns I would normally go through.
We will see it on Saturday when we go for lunch at a friends place at Pt Willunga.
Off to feed the dogs, the cat and the chooks and sundry wild fowl.


willow said...

I so envy anyone who can walk along a beach in the morning. Sigh. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog. :^)

Wanda said...

Even with that ironing, your day seemed so enjoyable Penny!

ArtPropelled said...

Thats a beautiful ATC, Penny! I enjoyed looking at all your books in the last post .