Thursday, January 14, 2010

Granite island the cockle train and a night sky

Today we went over to Granite Island after my physio appointment, we walked across on the causeway and came back on the horse tram. We saw cormorants on rocks and then I took the view from where I was sitting on the horse tram.
The next photo is one I took out of the window of the cockle train at Goolwa and an interior shot of the seats and the back of the childrens heads. We did the cockle train on Tuesday.
The last photo is of the spectacular night sky on the evening when we had the rain, I wasnt sure I got the colour but it came out well.
Both rides were fun and the children hadnt done them before so at least that was one up on when their parents come.
More excitement tonight as there was a black snake around the chook house again and finally John managed to shoot it, we dont like shooting them at all but this one has been hanging around and they are quite venomous and with children who dont know about snakes, dogs and the cat it was better not here. Also instead of eating mice it was eating eggs.


Wanda said...

Such a beautiful sky photo Penny...

Alison said...

Lovely photos - we are still waiting for rain but it is at least a little cooler.