Friday, January 01, 2010

From my sketchbook

I am supposed to try and sketch for 10 minutes a day, the button container at the top was yesterday's 10 minutes.
The bottom is a doodle but I dont think that counts as a sketch.
I havent done one today, I may have time but I dont know.
I still have dogs and chooks to see to but as it has cooled off I have made a casserole and it is in the oven.
I have a friend staying and I couldnt think what I had to do 3, usually it is only 2 of us and this meat had been sitting in the freezer for a while and needed cooking. If it heats up before we finish it I can always freeze the remains!
We had to get the paper this morning and it was interesting looking at all the tourists wandering around, but a lot of the shops were pretty empty or closed.
We had a lovely time last night even when the power went off just before midnight and we did our count down in the glow of candles.
I hope this year is a little less difficult than last year but I am afraid at our age the best we can hope for is to still be here!

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Purple Missus said...

Happy New Year Penny.
One o fmy intentions is to do a sketch a day for as long as I can keep it up.
Plus I intend to catch up with everyone and everything I have let fall by the wayside in the past year.
Maybe this year at AP??
All the best. Lynda