Sunday, January 03, 2010

Walking the beach this morning

This piece of wood with goose necked barnacles was on the beach this morning, the barnacles were still alive and I felt so sorry for them, but the wood would have just washed ashore again had we thrown it further out.
They were sailing in the bay too, there must be a carnival on, there usually is at this time of the year.
Overcast and cool and a sluggish wave but we havent walked here for so long it was lovely.
Not that my hip was liking it much but I am just going to have to come to terms with that.
We had a coffee and I did a bit of shopping as the Melbourne family should be arriving soon. They were not coming until tomorrow but decided to get going today so I have been making beds and tidying up.
I may be a bit hit and miss with blogging for the next two weeks, depending on what every one is doing but lovely to have them here.
We have another new foal but I havent seen it yet, I will feed the dogs and then walk out.
Oh and the rooster did get back in with Tuppy but we found him in time and so I hope he has now had sense enough to keep out of that area.
I dont think roosters are very bright.

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Wanda said...

That was such a neat photo of the wood with goose necked barnacles attached. I loved your morning walk on the beach, the photos of the sail boats were beautiful!