Friday, January 08, 2010

A whimsical cat and other things

It has been very hot today and going to be hotter for the next three days at least, so not a lot gets done when it is like that, one tends to do a sort of reverse hibernation. At least at my age I do but I must say the grand children dont seem to mind all that much.
I made another whimsical cat the other day, when I have not much to do and the brain has gone to mush this is what I like to do.
Last night John wandered out with my camera to try and take photos of one of the male peacocks in a pine tree just on dusk. So here he is in a couple of positions. they do make a noise in the morning when they tramp over the iron roof.
Then there is the cockle train, normally a steam train that runs between Victor and Goolwa but at the moment it is a diesel, a/ because the steam train cannot run when it is hot and dry in case of fire and b/ because I believe the steam trains are in being repaired.
Finally the calendar my Japanese friend Yoshiko sent me, this year it is done like a mini kimono, every year I get a different one.
We were in Victor very early this morning as the red ute had to go for a service at 8 am and I had a physio appointment at 9.30 so we collected mail and did the grocery shopping while it was still relatively cool. The ambient temp in my car got over 41 degrees C in the afternoon when we had to go in and collect it.
It is still well over 30 degrees at the moment and will be a hot and uncomfortable night I am afraid.


Robin Mac said...

I love your whimsical cat Penny, but I sympathise with you over the weather - none of us is ever satisfied with what we've got, are we? Today is beautifully cool and overcast here, but the forecast is for a return to the sweltering heat of the last couple of weeks. Ugh!

Caroline said...

So love your cat! Perrrrrrfect!
Heat would be great, snow, snow and more snow, with record lows heading my way! Yuk!
You are in one of my most favorite locations!
sincerely jealous!