Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The beach and after Avatar

Sunday was terribly hot but I took Evie and Will down for a walk on the beach and a swim before it got too hot and there were many people and horses and dogs again, all trying to beat the heat.
The third photo is of Evie in the water and Will trying to make up his mind about it all of course when he finally got in he didnt want to come out.
We then stayed inside until we went into Victor to meet up with Tabby and Celina and see Avatar. At lest the movie theatre was cool and there was a packed house as for some reason this was the only reasonable time this week to see it.
It was fun and the visuals were great but as I get sea sick watching I think the Imax thing on the grand canyon I was glad it wasnt in 3 D as the heights were dizzying and the flights on the dragons the same. Not much of a story but interesting and I was glad I had seen it.
We went along the beach front to have a pizza afterwards so the there is Celina and Evie and a bit of Will he hates having his photo taken! The next I managed a better Evie and a worse one of Will but there they all are, out for a night on the town! Sorry muddled up my photos, I think that digital phones are the end, and I think Will was trying to make up his mind about what he wanted to eat. Evie and Celina were both born on the same day so will be 13 in May. One in South Australia and one in Victoria!
Yesterday was unbelievably awful but this morning we awoke to rain, it is still warm and sultry but only in the 20's not the 40's and everything is loving the rain.
This afternoon we are going on the cockle train to Goolwa.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

We had a 45 degree day yesterday and it was over 32 at night before 8 a.m. Awful, but now the change has come. The garden survived somehow. I have no energy in this kind of weather.

Wanda said...

You spent the day Penny, with some awfully cute and sweet looking kids. Your beach scenes were nice...especially the one with Will!