Saturday, January 09, 2010


This house is a little premature flying the Australian flag as Australia day is not until the 26th. I rather liked both the house and the flag while I was walking back from the beach.
We have had a rather trying day here, John went off fishing and Will and Evie and I went into Victor to the market, got papers and did a small shop in the shopping mall and then out to see Tabby and Millie and Celina for a little while before my vegetables went off in the car!
Tab rang at about 3 to say that some idiot had lit a fire on the side of the road just up from her entrance, luckily although hot there was no wind blowing but as she said she didnt even know it was there as she was inside moving Millie into another room and hadnt gone outside and it wasnt until she heard voices and went to investigate that found she had a fire in her front paddock. Luckily the road is a busy one and some one had notified the CFS but as she said, Mum if there had been a north wind it would have been on us before I had even seen it. She is pretty shaken up as her husband is in the Northern Territory at the moment.
You really have to wonder about these ***** ( worse than idiots!) who light fires deliberately.
I must say I patrol around the house regularly on bad fire days and the next few days could be just that with temps in the 40's C ( not sure of the conversion about 105 F I think or more.)
I am trying to do a jigsaw puzzle to keep me still and relatively cool but the mind in gear, I dont think the one I have chosen is the best, a 2nd hand one I am very doubtful if all the pieces are there and some one has cut a whole heap of the pieces in half. A challenge.
Thinking of things I can do with the children tomorrow.

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Caroline said...

Wow that is crazy hot!! With my hot flashes, I wouldn't survive!
Those fire idiots should be shot!
Thousands of lives are lost each year! On a lighter note: I
Love the sketches, the birds are great! Thank you Penny for all your wonderful comments!
Your life sounds so beautiful!