Monday, January 25, 2010

Books and snakes and birds and textiles

This post is a bit of everything.
This great book I had ordered a few weeks ago arrived today, 2nd hand but so interesting. I love what Robyn of Artpropelled makes and this book lets me understand a lot more about her country and now I know a bit more about what she is talking about.
The next was at the race on Saturday, a fellow with this absolutely lovely 2 year old coast python, she sat like this after the race, I presume the vibrations of the cycles going past made her so alert. Her markings were fantastic as she had changed her skin not long ago. I think these are the ones we see occasionally when we go to Rainbow beach in Queensland in Margot's garden.
On our walk along the beach yesterday morning this young sea gull was having a go at the barnacles on the cuttlefish, he wasnt going to fly off when we walked past. That cuttlefish must have been in the water a long time to have grown so many barnacles before it floated ashore.
Finally a bit of Holey Moley, this is layers of cut up fabric topped with polyester and a grid stitched on top and then burnt through with a soldering iron. I have left a bit on the right hand side unburnt.
Now to think of something to do with it.
I have been to the physio about my back and I hope that will feel better soon, no more lifting heavy garden pots for a while and I have managed to get an early morning appointment with the eye specialist on the 25th of March so that is better than mid May.

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Robin Mac said...

The snake looks very handsome and I love the holey moley piece. I am so glad you are able to see the eye specialist a few weeks earlier than you thought - your sight is too important to have to wait too long. cheers, Robin