Friday, January 22, 2010

Summer stalwarts

Very hot and sticky no rain and a bushfire not too far away, not near enough to be a worry unless they really let it go but still a worry.
It is cooler now but the wind has changed.
I have had hoses on as it was cloudy and while I was outside moving them I took a few photo of those plants that really dont care how hot it gets.
The agapanthus are a delight, they steadfastly bloom all summer through, although on well over 40 degree days their leaves do burn, something I had never seen until the last two summers. I have several varieties but these are the hardiest ones and I have them all through the garden. some people call them weeds, I think they are wonderful.
I have a few succulents in a front bed that doesnt grow much else it is so dry, and I am going to plant more. I am not sure how some will last with frosts but I know that the grey leaved one does and is such a wonderful foil to other colours.
Turning on a tap that is under the mulberry tree I thought you might like to see how the light was shining through the leaves and on the mulberries. I am afraid we have not had a summer pudding this year as the poor old berries fall off again when it is over 40 degrees and suddenly the birds are hungry and eating all fruit in sight.
Lastly I pointed my camera to the sky for a shot of the clouds, unfortunately the best clouds were where I was pointing the camera straight into the sun but these are quite interesting non the less, we have had the odd thundery boom and a few drops of rain but nothing really to get onto the ground.
After yesterdays bit of bad news about my eye ( see my other blog here) I was a bit depressed about the fact that the blurry vision wont get better, or at least not for a while, so I have been sitting sketching and sewing. Nothing finished yet but a bit more of an incentive to get things done!

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Wanda said...

We have mulberry trees on the property too Penny, something to look forward to, here in the middle of our cold winter!