Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tour Down Under at Pt Willunga

Yesterday we drove over to Pt Willunga to have lunch with friends and to see the cycle race which every one in South Australia loves. They go flying past at a terrific pace and we can see them 3 times if we are lucky.
It is not just the cyclists, it is the police who put on a huge show, the support teams, the people watching.
I have to say that at times I have really loved it when they come down into our area and you can sit and watch them go by all on your own.
Of course picking out individuals is almost impossible, and the noise that the peleton makes is incredible.
So just a few shots to show what it looked like, the background of the sea behind, and the rate they go at, I had my camera set on action shots and in some they are still blurred.
Even John standing there gets involved which is saying something.
After all the excitement we had a lovely long lunch and came home just wanting to fall into bed!
Today we have been having on going problems with our server so I am lucky to get this bit of my blog up, trying to read emails and see other blogs takes so long it has not been worth it.
A lovely beach walk this morning.

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Karen said...

What a fantastic shot of all the cyclists. It would be a marvellous sight to see.