Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day and as a while ago John was an Australia Day recipient we usually go along to the ceremony.
It was a lovely morning, and as you can see some people like to dress up. In the first photo there is our Mayor in her robes and in the front row a lass who was about to be an Australian citizen, she was dressed in all the things she could find made out of or having on it the Australian flag.
Then I could only take a back view of the elderly couple dressed as perhaps they would have been at Federation, I think his was an Indian army outfit but I am not sure, they didnt change uniforms much from the Boer war through to the first world war.
I was near the back and had to take my few photos from between peoples heads.
Not the best place for the halt and the blind!
We had a short walk and a cup of coffee and John came home to a meeting which didnt finish until 2.00, so a late lunch and I was glad of that coffee.
I have done a few odds and ends, including some washing and tidying up, and fell asleep in a chair reading a book.
I am having problems with my tantrum for Dale Rollersons challenge, I cant work out how to bind or back it, I was originally going to place it on a black background but when I measured it I found it was larger than it should have been so am having to re think and as it took forever to do I really dont want to start another one!!
A few ideas are rolling around in my brain but I think I will try them out tomorrow.
Off to put on a few hoses and feed the barking pug who is telling me in no uncertain terms that his food is late.

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Arija said...

Penny, thank you so much for identifying my Australasian Grebes. They did not fit the colouring of any duck I had seen, that is why I had not posted them before.
Silly old me, I should have just turned the page in my new birdfinder!
Thanks again, I have amended the post.