Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pt Stanvac

Yesterday we collected a hamburger and a wrap and took them down to near O'Sullivans Beach to eat them and look at the Pt Stanvac area once the oil refinery, now where they are going to have a desalination plant.
We had been to Adelaide to have our hair cuts and for me to see my mother and were heading home and had a late lunch.
I did drive a bit in Adelaide and I wish I hadnt, it was white knuckle stuff and I was glad I only had a short way to go.
This morning I dashed out early to get this shot of the clouds by the back gate, I had seen a golden glow but I have to say that by the time I had found some clothes and shoes I was a bit late for the best display.
I have been to the physio, sent off the atc's for the Birthday swap I am in and came home to do a few household chores.
Ever have one of those days? I wanted a couple of patterns I knew I had somewhere, well I turned the whole workroom upside down looking for them, I found two but the third has still eluded me. Of course then I had to put everything back again. Trying to look through files of patterns with a very wonky eye was also frustrating, I really think I probably did know where it was but just didnt see it.
We have an exhibition over Easter and I didnt think I had very much to put in it this year so I need some smart but quick things to get done in a month.

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Wanda said...

It is easy to look right over something, I do that searching for a certain photo on the computer!