Saturday, January 02, 2010

Farmers Market

This morning I went into the farmers market early with a cough and complaining of a blocked and sneezy nose.
Tonight I think I have a cold.
I dont get colds and I am not looking forward to this one.
I took a few photos but at the market but it is not easy to take photos and manage a basket and handbag as well. One of my favorite stalls had some nice new bits and pieces of made up roasted tiny tomatoes, they were lovely with a slice of ham for lunch.
The weather has been lovely and cool today, I have changed bed linen and washed and re made beds for the next influx on Monday.
John went fishing and came home with some fish which will do very nice for tonight's dinner.
The silly, very old pug, who I know is a chook killer managed to severely beat up the little rooster I let go in the chook yard, who of course had flown over where Tuppy lives when he had a huge untenanted yard full of goodies to play in.
So I now have a very sore and sorry little rooster who is staying put where I threw him on top of a shed, I dont know if he will be alive in the morning or not, and if he is the stupid thing will probably fly back in to Tuppy's garden!

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Wanda said...

I envy your season for farmer's market visits...although I still have parsley and rosemary standing in my the snow, they are as green as ever.
Have a good year Penny.