Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wishing I was back on Kangaroo Island

We have gone right back into hot summer and that is ok if you dont mind getting burnt at the beach but with both of us having had nasties cut out and John's actually being a melanoma we are both a lot more cautious about being out in the sun.
Of course it is also sticky and the evaporitive airconditioner isnt so good when its like that, so apart from yesterday when I had a drawing lesson (which was fabulous and is on my other blog) I havent done as much as I would like but I was up early this morning getting stuff done and have been sitting in front of a fan doing some stitching.
Out here where my computer is is a bit like an oven.
So a few more photos I took while we were away, to remind me of the sea breezes and the blue of the sea.
I have made the cold cucumber and leek soup for tonight.
On New Years Eve 7 of us get together each year, and we all do a course, mine was entree this year but I decided a cold soup would be fresher. We head over to Parawa tonight on the back roads, Victor has been a nightmare to get around, the tourists, well they are tourists and one tends to go in very early to avoid them.
We are having a cool change which is along the coast but is trying to push in so I hope tonight will be cooler.
I have to do the feeds, the other night there was a large black snake in the chook shed so I am having to be extra cautious.
The phots, at the top the road home from Willson River, the rocks on the beach at the mouth of Willson River, then Hanson Bay, and finally the view of the mainland from the front of the cottage at Penneshaw, the one we sat outside each night and saw as we had our evening drinks and nibbles.
I would like to thank all who have visited in the past year and hope you come back for more.
Happy New Year to you all.


Doreen G said...

Happy New Year Penny and beware of that snake.

Wanda said...

On New Year's Eve my family of 18 come over and I am having just the opposite...a large HOT pot of homemade soup! We are cold here Penny, at least outside...Husband does have a wood stove fire going around the clock, so it's toasty warm inside!
I wish you all the best in the New Year!