Monday, December 14, 2009

An early morning walk in the garden

I thought as we will be away and there is sure to be more hot weather it would be nice to wander around the garden this morning and see what was out.
The red bouganvillia was showing some lovely flowers, it shouldnt grow here as we have frosty winters sometimes but if I place things in the right place they sometimes seem to grow and this one is as tough as tough but doesnt get as rampant as it would in a wetter and more tropical climate.
Then the sun giving a halo to the pencil pine that is now surrounded by shrubbery, once a pony ate half of it and I didnt think it would ever recover but as you see...
The dark blue plumbago is just starting to flower, this is deeper than the original and has such a lovely colour of blue, again here it is as tough as tough, and of course it is another South African plant.
As is the miniature blue agapanthus near the bedroom door, my big old ones got badly burnt by the over 4-degree C day a month ago but this one is more sheltered.
And finally this bit of garden is straight out of the bedroom door, a heap of bits and pieces and pots and is one of my favorite bits of the garden.
Weaver in her blog was talking about getting old, and I think this little bit is possibly my idea of what I can do in a tiny garden if the time comes to leave here.
Talking of getting old we watched the very sweet film last night called Albert's Memorial on tv, a rather nice little portrayal of old age. My joints ache and I felt for Weaver when she said she couldnt or rather didnt get up on chairs any more to sweep away cobwebs but then she couldnt see the cobwebs any way and that is rather my attitude.
Another blog with a lovely and beautifully done bit on her parents aging is Nina Bagley's
whose blog is on my side bar, I only hope one of my children feels about me as she does about her parents.
Having a mother still alive at 97 but not enjoying life makes me want to do as much as I can and enjoy life as much as I can while I can, then probably jump off a cliff when I cant!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You do have a lovely garden. We are still on No 4 restrictions but we do a little five minute watering as well. Our bouganvillea is rampant and wonderful this summer.
My younger relatives in Fiji experienced a very rough cyclone yesterday so I contacted them and they're okay, just cleaning up the gardens with trees down, etc. The weather there has become more extreme in the past ten years.

Robin Mac said...

Your garden is beautiful Penny. Don't think of jumping off a cliff for a long time yet! Cheers,

Wanda said...

Penny, you have a lovely garden, and I only have known you a short time, but I admire you and imagine your children must love and care for you deeply, so don't ever jump off any cliffs.

Beth said...

Nice blog. Every time I come home after a garden tour I start getting new ideas for my own garden. Your garden really looks wonderful.