Thursday, December 10, 2009

Millie and Christmas dedcorations up.

Here is Millie sitting on Daddy's knee and trying on hats and looking at herself in a mirror, I should have taken more photos as she was an absolute hoot.
This one is from Turkestan or some where like that, I bought it at a Fibre Forum.
I managed to get the tree up and some of the decorations up. I thought I had lost some but obviously last year they didnt all fit into the cupboard I usually keep them in, there was a bit of a panic on for a while until I tracked them down.
Not all the Santas are out, I decided that some could stay in but I love the big one I made a few years ago so I couldnt leave him out or the other very woodsy one in the fireplace.
Oh and I decided that the old wreath that went on the front door was a total disaster so I made a new one out of tinsel and some bells, looks so much better than the old one.
I loved the reflections of the tree and then the begonias showing through the front door. I couldnt take that photo if I tried but when you dont try boy it works well.
Of course there is a totally different lot of stuff that goes over to the Island with us, that is all ready to go. John said he didnt see much point in doing two lots but its not Christmas without the home trtee up.
I have managed to get most of the Christmas cards done, what a job, I put it off for as long as I can.
I have made cake number 3 today, but it is cold and has been a bit damp so good weather for baking.
Millie and her parents came for dinner the other night, after I had been to the physio and then to aj Christmas lunch so dinner had to be very simple, I dont seem to have the oomph I once had.
Going up to Adelaide yesterday didnt help, but only one more cake to make and then to see what I have in the way of presents and what I dont, that is when I really panic.

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Wanda said...

I love your room Penny with all the books, the many pictures on the wall, the beautiful pillows and cloth forms you created, plus the Santa and has a similar look and feel as my favorite room in my house.

The wreath you made is very pretty, but not as pretty as little Millie in her hat!

Enjoyed your post...I have little apples on my tree too!

Have a wonderful season!