Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hanson Bay and a bit of Flinders Chase

This morning we set off with a sandwich for lunch and headed down to the other end of the Island.
We stopped first at Hanson Bay, a lovely bay with the sea an incredible color. Every so often we try to fish here but today we walked the beach and I took loads of photos and then went on down to Flinders Chase, where we managed to get an infringement notice! All rather silly as we were legally parked and were looking at the koala and some Cape Barren Geese not far from it.
What with being told off for walking where we have always walked by a shack renter (not owner) with a very nasty dog, and told not to feed the sea gulls when I was trying to feed the wrens it has not been a stress free few days!
The tiny blue scaveola flowers were so pretty I had to take their photos, then three photos of Hanson Bay and finally some of the Cape Barren Geese.
Click on all photos to enlarge.


Doreen G said...

Don't interferring busybodies just give you the irrits.
Can you fight the infringement notice if you were legally parked.
Just what you need to spoil a great holiday

Wanda said...

I always enlarge your photos Penny, the 3rd and 4th ones of the ocean are simpy beautiful!

Karen said...

Beautiful photos Penny, shame that people couldn't have been in a more charitable mood. Considering the time of year you'd think they'd make the effort.