Thursday, December 03, 2009

Stitched lutradur and lace

I am pretty busy at the moment, daughter away so horses to feed and check on.
Yesterday was a day in Adelaide, see my mother, ok, dentist, ok, go out to lunch, lovely, collect son in law from the airport and head home to a volunteers night at the Council, a lot of standing on a leg that doesnt like me, so feeling a bit precious this morning, although I had the fun of playing with small Mason while Gaby helped me do the feeds, but that all took longer than normal and we had to shop at the end of it.
I have had an idea about bags to give presents in so I have cut out 3 with another couple to go if they work out as I hope they will.
I did the background for this piece ages ago, it is painted lutradur and lace but I decided to stitch all over it the other night and quite like the affect.


Wanda said...

The people that receive gifts in those lovely bags are lucky, Penny. I'm sure they will love them!
(Lucky Penny)now that made me smile! Have a good day and thank you for your lovely comment overnight!

Alison said...

This looks interesting and lively.