Monday, December 07, 2009

Bits and pieces and a Christmas stocking.

On our walk yesterday I was interested in the shapes on the trunk of this Moreton Bay fig that is planted along the Bike track in Victor, then the new signs that are up to put some significance to our historic places. When John was Mayor we tried to get the Council to do this but finally the Rotary Club decided to take it on.
The view towards the boat ramp and the resort behind it and finally here is my Christmas stocking, I still need to put some bells on it but apart from that it is finished and another one is on the way, this one was for Mason but I thought Millie would like one too, John seemed to think he wanted one but I have run out of fleece.
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Wanda said...

Love the stocking you made Penny. The Moreton Bay fig looks similar to our large Beech trees here. I did visit your other blog Penny, will follow there too to see the sketches you do!

Karen said...

Wonderful the stocking is fabulous and the tree interesting.