Friday, December 04, 2009

More doors and Gateways

There are a lot more of these in my photos but I promise I will only do them occasionally.
Still all around Eltville in Germany, I think it is the wonderful iron work that I love.
Still busy, not getting anything much done except the basics, although we did have another foal this morning, he at least knew all about what to do.
I have been enjoying having Gaby and Mason out for the last two days, but it is time consuming and tiring.
It is warming up and pots have to be watered and dogs fed as well as the myriad of ponies that seem to be out there.
Tomorrow I have to feed on my own as John is going fishing and Gaby has an inspection on her rented house so I hope I have no disasters.
I think I need far more time than I am going to have, but then I think I always feel like this once we have got to December. I suppose if we didnt head off to Kangaroo Island on the 20th and spend a week there it wouldnt be so difficult, but then I love our week on the Island and wouldnt be without it. It is not only to celebrate Christmas but also John's birthday on the 21st.

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Wanda said...

Warming up there and getting down to freezing here this morning!
I love Germany's beautiful iron-works doors you are showing Penny! Being that I will never visit there, they are nice to see!