Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two more bracelets

I hope to get another two finished, these have been fun to make and they are quite quick to do. While I was doing one I watched a bit of the Kirov Ballet in their tribute to Nijinsky, it seems funny to think that Nijinsky was my hero when I did ballet classes, now he is venerated.
The costumes and the dancers were lovely, especially in The Firebird which I remember seeing as a teenager.
John went fishing today and came back with a heap of fish which we will have for dinner tonight.
I am trying to sort out Christmas presents, who has and who hasnt!
Still damp and cold today and yet we are supposed to get up to 39 C on Wednesday, the day I go to town and out to lunch.
I had a lovely morning at the farmers market and have organised a day of drawing after we get home after Christmas with a friend who has some one coming from NSW, I need it and it will spur me on to do some more practice I hope.


sally-ann said...

I just love your jewellery it's so pretty - you're so clever.

Wanda said...

Penny, you impress me so much,sketching, painting, cloth work, needle work, knitting and jewelry etc. etc....what can't you do?
Your bracelets are lovely! The recipients will love them!