Sunday, December 06, 2009

The back road

We went for a walk this afternoon at the Bay and came home along the back road, the lovely flowering shrub we call Christmas bush but is really bursaria spinosa was out in full flower and the butterflies were loving it, I rather liked this photo with a casuarina behind it.
Then the South African gladiolis I cant remember its correct name was flowering along the road in a damp spot and making a lovely show, there was actually a little bit of muddy water in the pool of the creek by the ford, those little gladioli love it here but dont seem to do very well when transplanteed back to my garden, I dont think it likes our sand.
Here is the new boat launching facility, which was being well used on this glorious sunny but not too hot Sunday afternoon.
Finally a few of the things I have been getting together for presents, a bracelet, I have nearly finished the second one and lots of pairs of earrings.
As well as that if you go to my other blog here you will see more. I have been busy.

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Karen said...

The jewelry is great especiallys the chickens.