Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cape Jervis to Penneshaw

I have managed to upload these in the incorrect order, again!
We were up very early this morning packing and loading the red ute for the 3/4 hour drive to Cape Jervis, the last not the first photo, taken from the ferry as we waited to leave, another almost an hour for the crossing, very windy and quite cold but thank goodness not rough and arrived at Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island.
I forgot to take photos of the farmers market which was on as we arrived, we rushed in to buy the yummy lamb chops that they produce here and a jar of fig chutney, that went well with the lunch ham.
Greeted lots of friends and up to our rental house, also owned by friends, they hadnt quite finished cleaning so we went off to visit a fantastic glass artist friend we know to tell him we were here and to come in for a drink, I also bought some wonderful beads from him while I was there and wished I could afford some of his wonderfully exotic stuff he is producing.
No photos of course, I wasnt thinking very straight, but these photos are of what we can see from our little house.
I am now trying to relax and enjoy it all.

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Robin Mac said...

It all looks lovely Penny, I am glad you have made it over there and can now relax! Have a wonderful Christmas with hopefully all the right weather. Cheers from Robin in Mackay where it is storming at present with some very welcome rain