Monday, December 21, 2009

Kangaroo Island day 1

Last night I raced out and took these photo at well after 8 pm, over Backstairs Passage to the mainland from the front door. We do have a roof infront and power lines but one tends to forget them.
Today was Johns 72nd Birthday and we will go out to dinner tonight but really we celebrated it here on our favorite beach, Pennington Bay.
He fished and I walked and took photos.
The sea was the most incredible color, it was not too hot, and a low surf was running.
I dont have my normal photo manipulator on this little notebook and I cant get my head around picasa, I think I have edited, or rotated photos and then cant find them wretched thing, I think I am just used to adobe but John wont have it.
I managed the steep descent to the beach but had trouble getting back up with my knee. Grrrr.
Thinking of you who have snow, the photos have been wonderful, but I can imagine that in the lead up to Christmas it must get frustrating.
Virginia, J tells me your temperatures have been cold, cold hope you are coping.
Here it is so lovely although warming up, and I am finally relaxed! Although I think rain forcast for later in the week, remnants of a tropical cyclone off Western Ausralia. Maybe a damp Christmas.

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Wanda said...

Beautiful photos from your house of your view Penny. Glad you are there and can look forward to beautiful restful days. You certainly have the perfect place for it! Enjoy Christmas there!!!