Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reeves Cottage

This little cottage sitting on a point over looking the
Bay of Shoals is being lived in by friends of ours, a lovely place and the garden is wonderful.
The sheds and old boats etc are some of the winery on whose land it is, and some is her partners workshop/studio, full of wonderful things but he wasnt home when we visited.
Then some of the spurge that grows in the sandhills and was flowering magnificently, I took this as I walked down to the beach, which is the last photo and as you can see it was rather stormy looking, it has been odd weather all day as we have tropical cyclone coming down from the west coast, we hoped for rain but it seems to have dropped most of it in the north west.
I am sorry this will be a short post but we have visitors for dinner tonight, had some last night too and I seem to be rather on Island time so I had better get on with crumbing the fish.

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Wanda said...

Your photos of the clouds in the distance and the ocean waves with the homes along the shore are so peaceful. You are blessed to have such views Penny!