Friday, December 11, 2009

Lindisfarne 3 doorways and a gate

I went out with the camera this evening and the battery was flat so no photos of the new foal.
Instead here are a few doorways and a gate that I took photos of on the Holy Isle, Lindisfarne.
I have jumped around a bit here but these were the first ones I pulled up tonight after another tiring day.
I love the two old boats that have been turned into sheds with their very makeshift doorways.
The last is not exactly a doorway, it was the barometer behind glass set in I think the life guards shed but I am not exactly sure.
I might do better tomorrow.


Wanda said...

Well Penny, as I looked at the photos, I was wondering "what are those things" that's really recycling or repurposing things...very good idea and the barometer behind glass does look like a doorway.


Karen said...

Amazing the creative use of the old hulls. A case of waste not want not.