Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leaving Penneshaw and home

After packing up, getting home and unpacking I was too tired to blog.
I think the 5 km hike the day before may have hd something to do with it.
Today I have washed floors and generally tried to get the house sort of clean, but in this weather, hot and a bit windy I am afraid it wont stay that way for long.
The photos first show the beach and our little cottage is on the second tier, 2nd from the lef
Then from the ferry just as we were about to leave and the third one is of the ferry unloading on the mainland.
I have been meaning to play with my flower stitcher and twin needles, as I broke the last lot I had I moved over to my more sophisticated Pfaff which I can get the flower stitcher onto and it has a button for use with twin needles. Once I got going it was great, reminds me of the rock pools I saw on the Island with sea anemones and odd bits of shell etc.
Finally a small box of some of my collections while we were away, shells and rocks and bits of wood, floats and that really nasty poly twine and some leaves.
I havent unpacked the skulls yet and a couple are still out waiting for the ants to get to them.
Talking of skulls I really wanted a possum skull and John nearly had a fit as I made him stop the car by another bit of road kill, no he was saying as I picked up a freshly killed possum, but I stashed it behind a log and I hope that next year when we come over I can remember where it was and nothing will have taken the skull too far and it will all be clean and lovely.
Sorry but I think it is the scientists daughter coming out in me.

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Wanda said...

You are as bad as me collecting rocks, claws, and pieces of wood I find on my walks. My grandson is the skull collected. although I did bring home one tiny clean one once!