Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mouth of the Willson River, KI

I got these a bit out of order, but this afternoon we walked through the scrub and along kangaroo tracks next to the Willson River and down to the beach. Not an easy walk, and I was very tired by the time we had done the round trip.
We did this walk about 12 years ago, may well have been longer and at the time it wasnt easy, but a much hotter day and there had been a fire through. This time the scrub was much thicker so the walk down along the river was slower, and the second photo is of some young black swans on the river, this was what it was like all the way along.
The first, 3rd and 4th photos are of the small bay at the mouth, the mouth was sanded up and not flowing out. The tracks are ours and no one else had been there for a while.
John of course was fishing and he did catch one small salmon trout, which we brought home for entree.
This is the 3rd beach we have walked that has had a pair of hooded plovers on it, I think with babies, but although I found broken egg shells I wasnt going to disturb them by looking.
Sorry, I dont seem to be able to get out of the Italics!
Walking through thick scrub with a fishing rod and bucket is not easy, but then crawling through thick scrub with a back pack on isnt either, and as one of the skulls I had was a bit 'ripe' the flies loved me too, even if it was in a plastic bag.
I collected some bird and wallaby skulls, some need a bit more time out with the ants. (Weird? yes!)
There is a house on the top of the cliffs but no one was there, I know because we walked much further than we needed to on the way home and finally had to back track to the house to find the track out.
I have to say I felt terribly pleased that I managed it, but everything is now stiff! I dont like it when my back spasms.
I think if you enlarge the last photo you will see a Kangaroo Island wallaby, there were lots as we walked back, not terribly frightened of us but usually hidden under the bushes so a clear photo was not possible.
Our last night for another year, I could live here permanently but know it is not possible.

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Karen said...

These are wonderful Penny, absolutely beautiful thanks for sharing.

The picture of John fishing takes me back to the beach and I can hear the surf breaking as I cast out my line and hear that zing sound into the wind.