Thursday, December 24, 2009

Antechamber Bay

A lovely cool day today and a good morning for me to walk and John to fish not that anything more than a sandcrab was caught which he ate for lunch (I was wicked and had his pate on a rice cracker, with a glass of white.)
So here are some of the roly poly seed heads of marrum grass (Ithink, not sure) on the side of the path to the beach.
Then the incredible blue of the water here, even on a cloudy day like today.
As I walked I could see thes black dots which turned out to be black swans swimming in the sea, they are more often seen in fresh water.
This place is so lovely I couldnt help taking photos, the clouds were very paintable, if only I could, and there was no one else to be seen, one day perhaps I will be able to paint clouds.
Then on the way home this wonderful and very typical avenue of mallee over the road.
I really love this place.
Tomorrow is Christmas day and to all who read my blog I hope you have a lovely day with health and happiness, laughter and good cheer.


Wanda said...

Your photos are beautiful Penny! I wish you a lovely day with health and happiness, laughter and good cheer to!
Have a Wonderful Christmas Penny!

sally-ann said...

Merry Christmas Penny. You are in a beautiful place and the photos of it are lovely.