Monday, August 29, 2016

Wet in the garden

It rained in the night, my leg is still painful so no real walk although I did go between showers and took a couple of photos, the winter buddlea is flowering, and perfuming the garden. I think this osteospermum is called black widow, interesting colour and shape of flowers and the little pink azalea I bought from Woolies last year is flowering well by the path to the back door. I have been re potting a heap of succulents and moving some indoors as it is still so wet outside. I am dying to get out and plant a few plants I have in pots in a new piece of bed I want something in near the clothes line I hope we get a bit more sun soon but I really dont min d the rain. We dont want it to stop early and go into summer heat yet. Almost September, I do not look forward to summer much these days, if only we had mild damp winters and mild warm with some rain summers. I am dreaming.


Suztats said...

The flowers look so pretty. I hope the rain stays as long as you need it.

Penny said...

Beautiful flowers and all in the same color collection.