Sunday, August 07, 2016

Over to Clayton Bay on the lakes today

More SALA looking. We have friends at Clayton and there was a pottery open, the first photo is from their back garden and the second part of the very old cottage she lives in. Sorry about the rubbish bins. Some interesting stuff. Then over to Clayton where I picked over what J had for sale as they are downsizing and moving , I was lucky enough to get some nice frames, two typesetting drawers and some canvas, as well as 2 fish prints that I may show later, no scan or photo at the moment. A freezing cold morning but finally the sun has come out and I pulled a few weeds in the garden. Not many as my back wont let me which is a shame as the soil is drying out a bit and I can actually manage to pull weeds without half the garden coming too. More rain is expected during the week and I feel so frustrated at the small amount I can get done. It was a lovely drive this morning, so nice to see the lakes so full, remembering back to when we went over there during the drought and the lake water just went on and on drying up.

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Penny said...

Oh those type setting drawers would be worth the trip themselves *smile*. Always fun to get out of the house and travel around a bit.