Thursday, August 04, 2016

Almond blossom at McLaren Vale this morning

John told me I had a morning to go over to McLaren Vale to see some of the SALA (South Australian Living Artist) exhibitions. He needed to be home by 1pm, we made it. Saw some lovely paintings and glass ware and other stuff. Pennys Hill had some great paintings, a coffee and a lovely time looking at what was on at Red Poles, then over to Dogridge, winery to see what was on offer there, down to Harcourts in the Main Street to see a lovely exhibition put on by our friend P's daughter, some beautiful paintings there, and then down to the information Center to see an exhibition of textile art. Interesting and nice to see that being put up. So often the textile artists are forgotten. I have a few places that I try to get to every year, sometimes artists are a little disappointing but these were all good. Ideas are buzzing around in my head. The almond blossom was at its best too, the start of us thinking of warmer weather to come, although I have no doubt there will be some wintry stuff as well.


Suztats said...

The almond blossoms look lovely. Sounds like a busy, but fun, morning.

Penny said...

I love a day out like that. I come home with ideas whizzing in my head (most of them stay there - or wait to be displaced by another idea) *smile*. Thanks for sharing the Almond blossom!!