Monday, August 08, 2016

Morning walk and tiny special plants in the garden

We walked the beach this morning, near Kent Reserve, amazingly most of the sea weed has gone and it was a lovely sandy walk, warm and a bit windy. Not that it will stay warm for long, and we certainly dont want the rain to stop completely. Far too soon. I loved the clouds and the ripples over the sand. We hadnt walked here for a week or so. I took the camera around the garden and found a few special plants flowering in pots in sheltered places. I do love my pots and special little things at this time of the year. Just wish my back would stop aching so I can do more weeding. Back to my chair and some hand sewing.

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Penny said...

Does all this mean that you're having spring now? They're beautiful! Our summer continues to drag on hot and humid. Great for the garden, not too great for the people!