Friday, August 26, 2016

Mares and foals this evening

Sorry they are all a bit far away, they have only just been moved in here, a few little problems with the foals and much safer back here where we can keep an eye on them. So far 3 colts and a filly. A help call early this morning meant John and I had to go up the back and try to help, not that we are much use, but the foal had walked away from the mare and she was trying to mother her afterbirth, so into the stables they had to come for a few hours while they managed to mother up and he learnt to drink a nice big healthy foal like the other two Section B's by the stallion awe were lucky enough to borrow from a friend. I think there are 9 more to foal, only one Section B left and the rest are little Welsh A's. So a busy day.

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Penny said...

Lovely new life!!!