Saturday, August 13, 2016

This morning, walking the beach

I have had a horrid back ache and am not sleeping, up and in my chair in the sitting room. A real pain. We did manage to go into the market this morning and have a walk along the beach, a higher tide and I nearly fell flat on my face tripping over some sea weed, luckily I managed to save myself. The tide was coming in at the mouth of the Inman River, and there were 6 hooded plover on the beach, if you enlarge the photo you may see one near the sea gulls. They were pretty fast and my small camera does a good job but isnt really good enough for small birds in the distance. I met a lovely black pug puppy too this morning at the market. In my days of breeding pugs I was the only one in this state breeding blacks, always my favorites. I was asked did I still have any pugs and I said no, I love them but they were always more difficult to breed than other breeds of dogs. Heavens though they have got expensive.

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Barry said...

P - soft light, sand and soft wave action - a very positive recipe. B