Friday, August 12, 2016


I have finished the easy knit slippers for John, now to see if he wears them. The surf was up at Petrel's Cove this morning, as well as surfers there was a young seal also surfing but I couldnt get a photo as he was too far away. The odd dumper in the midst of decent surfable waves. We came home the back way and the wattle is looking more spectacular. From a gorgeous sunny morning we are now in the midst of a change rolling in, windy and grey and threatening. I had to take John over to collect the ute, it has a stick stuck in the condenser, drivable they said but needs repairs and we wont know when the part will be in. The new bread maker isnt making bread the way it should either, send it back they say, registered post, will cost more than to buy a new one. Life wasnt meant to be easy.

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Barry said...

P - I love the easy knit slippers - a friend of a fried made me a pair out of random bits of wool - just the thing for skidding around the house. B