Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Lovely morning walk along the cliffs

Cold and blustery but a lovely morning walk along the cliffs between Petrel's Cove and Depp's beach. I havent had a decent walk for a while as I hadnt felt up to it. Have to say I came home tired but do think I am feeling a lot better. I seem to spend my life making a mess and then cleaning it up.I did finally find some of the patterns I was looking for, now to get on and try to make them.Lots of rocks back on the beach at Petrel's and love the photo looking south towards Kings Beach with the lone farm house. Wouldnt I love to live there.


Robin Mac said...

Great photos, but I think I like where you live better than living on a cliff top! You would not be able to garden nearly as well on the cliff top. I am glad you found your patterns, I seem to spend my days looking for things I have stored away - in a SAFE place!

Suztats said...

It does look like a lovely day. I'm glad you enjoyed your walk, and that you're feeling better.