Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wandering at Pt Elliot, and whales.

Sorry no photos of whales, they were there, about four I think, maybe a female and calf and a larger one. My little camera doesnt take very good whale photos and I am always too slow when a fin, head or tail appear. We dont seem to have many whales this year, I think the dirty water from the amount of rain we have had this winter has put them off and also we have had weeks of rough water so if they were there you couldnt see them. It was a sudden decision to go over and walk the point, I find the path rather challenging these days and we were surprised when we saw the number of cars, I did say perhaps there are whales, and yes, in two different places. We really go to walk but it is always a thrill to see them. A lovely morning too. I didndt just take sea photos either, love the yellow yam daisy and the textures and colours. We also saw a very angry tern dive bombing a pair of Pacific gulls. Possibly a dead seal, not sure about that, and lots of people on a walk where usually we see very few. Lovely to get out though. I also came back from the market with a couple of plants and looked in on the orchid show. bought a yellow epidendrum, or that is what I was told it was. Hope it keeps going although I dont see why not. Oh yes and some lovely scallops to put in the freezer for Christmas. They were fresh yesterday and if I dont get them now there will not be any later. Actually we had a very sea food meal last night, 1/2 doz oysters each, naturel, and some mussels I did in a tomato/ sort of sauce (actually it was left over sauce from first mango chicken, then sausages in that plus a can of tomatoes, that used with a bit of mussel juice and white wine with fresh baked bread and butter. Fit for Royalty.


Robin Mac said...

Your beach walk must have been very interesting - worth the challenge. I like the sound of your cooking - I really must try mussels again, I have usually found them tough and tasteless, but i suspect that is the fault of the cook, not the mussels!
We have had heaps of whales (Humpback) going past here, but I can never see them unfortunately. It is wonderful to know the whale population is increasing dramatically though. Cheers

The Weaver of Grass said...

Always exciting seeing whales isn't it - they are such magnificent beasts.
I must say your meal sounds wonderful - made my mouth water just to think about it.

Penny said...

I love this walk. I've never seen whales in 'real life' - that would be sooo exciting.