Sunday, August 28, 2016

Parson's and Waitpinga beaches this morning

I seem to have pulled a tendon or something on the back of my leg and am having problems walking distances so this morning we went over to look at Parson's beach, it had altered quite considerably since the last time we were here, the stron g winter storms have exposed rocks on the beach where I have never seen them before and the waves were coming right up to the for dunes. The same thing had happened at the western end of Waitpinga, although there are always a few rocks there. All quite interesting, Parsons is the first couple of sea photos and waitpinga the last. We walked along the cliff a bit and some of the coastal eucalypt is flowering well and on another bush was a lovely golden bee, if you can see him/her. We looked it up and its seems its common name is teddy bear bee, looked rather a lovely golden lion colour to me.They are a native, solitary and dig burrows. When I came home I picked a piece of brown boronia which is by the back door and is smelling absolutely gorgeous and put it in with the yellow freesia on the kitchen table. So apart from not being able to walk far a good morning.

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