Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I knitted a lamb, George on a chair and photos of this mornings walk

My leg is still playing up and a long walk was not possible but I rather liked this short one we did along the edge of the Inman River to the mouth. I knitted this little lamb from a free pattern by Frankie Browne, easy and cute, there may be more. George was looking a bit scruffled on the chair but I havent taken his photo for a while and thought I should as he is heading for 1 year old. The weather was wet and damp this morning, low cloud on the hills and ducks flying low over the road. They are looking for nesting places and we dont want to kill one. Spine bills by the back door this morning looking for nesting materials, pinching bits from my hanging baskets, I tried for a photo but they flew off when I moved. I feel a bit annoyed as walking is so painful and there are things I want to do, perhaps tomorrow will be better.


Suztats said...

The wildflowers look pretty and I'm glad you were able to have a short walk. Hope tomorrow your leg is feeling better. George looks as though his sleep was disturbed, and the lamb is cute.

Penny said...

Hope your leg feels better soon!

http://www.aussiessay.net/ said...

Wow, really like the lamb you knitted, How you did this? Place look so calm and quite, thank you for sharing the photos with us