Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Small stitchery and morning walk

I have been working on this small stitchery for months, all hand done, even the squares. It was my go to when I didnt feel like doing anything else. Bits of old linen towel, running stitched to the backing and then free done embroidery stitches on top. Great fun to do, think I might start another as I always like to have something easy to take places to stitch. We had a short walk on the cliffs between Petrel's and Depp's. sand being washed in and out, a bit more on the beach. A lovely morning for walking, we left home in sun with very few clouds and came home in rain. One of those days. I washed and it has alternately been blown almost dry and then dripped on.


Jo Murray said...

Hi Pen...I always read your blog but rarely comment. Had to this time. Your little embroidery is quite lovely. I do LOVE your stitched pieces...and dolls.

Barry said...

Hi P - and it did look like such a good morning for a walk - very unpredictable time in the early stages of spring. Go well. B