Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Goolwa this morning

We are right back to winter this morning, rain almost continuously since mid morning. I had to go over to see a friend in Goolwa and John had a meeting in town so we went our seperate ways. I was sad to hear our boys didnt get their gold in the 3 day event at the Olympics but a bronze for the teams was still a good effort and the bit of the showjumping final phase I watched last night, it was a tricky course. I remember Sam Griffiths who got 4th in the individual as a young boy on a welsh pony, infact one of our section b stallions was bred by his mother. Any way a quick stop in a break in the rain for this shot of the Hindmarsh Island Bridge and across to Hindmarsh Island. A nice chat and talk about the class she is hosting for Sandy Webster in April. I will be going, sounds like a good one. I am now glad I am home by the fire. Trying to find an idea I had for a cloth doll but of course I cant find it. I will just have to try and make it up. Too cold out here to stay much longer.

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Penny said...

Oh how I would love to have some of your 'cold weather' today. We have humidity of 91% and the temp is going up toward the 80's. Oh well, come December I'll be complaining about the cold here.