Monday, October 30, 2006


This is another textile piece I have been playing with for Playways and hoping that I have interpreted it correctly. This was a sandwich of felt and tissue, dipped in tea, then xandaprint splodged on top, a comb made out of an old credit card wiped through it, heated and raised, painted with two colours and then chiffon over the top, stitched in the hollows and then a bit of contrasting stitching done going over the bumps. I think maybe I was supposed to do this on the machine but I rather liked quietly hand sewing it. It sort of reminds me of a dark dark wood.
I did manage to finish a few things that had been hanging over me, like my tassel for the playways tassel exchange, I dont think I scanned it before it went, a page for a friend, and I dont much like paper stuff but I ran out of time to do it in fabric. I have also now done 3 bracelets (beaded) and need to start another. I still have stuff to do but with those out of the way I think I can breath a bit more easily.
If you really want to know what a horrid day I had yesterday go and see my other blog! (in the links).
Both blogger and all my favorites wouldnt come up yesterday, dont know if it was blogger or our lousy computer line. Amazing how these days one wants it instantly.

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Anonymous said...

it's fabulous, Penny, and it does look like a deep dark wood - not in your neck of the woods but somewhere in England, I reckon