Thursday, October 19, 2006

Iris and bird of paradise flowers

We had a fun dinner party last night with much younger friends. I actually got out the best china and silver as they havent had an airing for ages, we did the dishes this morning (no dishwasher) and it didnt take long at all, and tonights dinner is in the fridge already!
I picked a huge bunch of lovely roses but really liked this vase of Bird of Paradise flowers and un opened iris buds, a few opened before people came and I was so organised I had a few minutes so I painted them, not particularly well but at least I did something.
Tired today, raced over to my friend Wendy's place and had lunch and collected my beautiful Birthday present from her, a painted cloth angel, she is lovely as Wendy is a brilliant decorative artist.
Home and raced around feeding the animals, we had 1 mm of rain on Tuesday night, and then it blew so still as dry as dry. There is now a real worry that dams will dry up and not only will we have no feed but no water either. The price of cattle has dropped but interestingly not in the supermarket.
I wonder what will happen if we start to run out of milk, import it I suppose like we are doing with vegetables, bought some Home Brand frozen beans the other day only to find they were from China, in tiny little print at the bottom of the pack.

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Tony F said...

This is a charming picture Penny, very Van Gogh'ish. I would love to have a copy of this on my living room wall.