Monday, October 23, 2006

Buttons an EDM Cchallenge

My not very good drawing of my vintage Czech glass buttons is a EDM challenge from last week.
I couldnt get anything up on the computer yesterday as it was all so slow.
John went fishing and had a great day, he came back with some lovely big whiting.
I went walking this morning with my camera and had took some interesting shots which may get translated into paint further down the track.
We are having very cold nights still, a light frost this morning but the days are getting warmer. Just dry which is what happens when we have frosts.
I saw a small black snake in the old budgie house yesterday and couldnt work out how he had got in but when I put the hose on him he went out between the galvanised iron, only a young snake could get in there. Now of course I am worried about where I will see him next. That is the problem with years like this as around the house is green and I am watering out in the paddocks it is brown and dry so they come for the water.
I finished my mothers necklace finally and am quite pleased with the way it looks. Goes well with the shirt.
We went to see the Devil wears Prada last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not often we go to the pictures but at least the local theatre has early times we can sometimes fit in with. Smoked salmon take away pizza afterwards.

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Teri C said...

Neat buttons Penny! I like how you made the design out of them.

Snakes! EEK!