Thursday, October 12, 2006

An old school friend lived here

More of my notalgic looks around my old school. My friend Jane Gosse used to live here and I have lost touch with her. she was in my class at school. I remember it as a large rambling place with a huge garden, now it has been cut up into some smaller blocks and a house built almost on top of it but at least the main house is still there and some one is doing it up. So many of these mansions were built along the foothills of Adelaide, usually on creeks and a lot of them have been torn down so it is lovely when you come across one that is still standing. I think there were a lot of problems with salt damp as of course no proper foundations were put in. This and the original Girton building were unusually close. I leapt out of the car at 8 am and photographed it and then was asked by a couple who were walking if I knew its history. I could only say that I knew it as the Gosse house. After all I left school 50 years ago!!

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